Version 2.0.X update notes.

We've forced the latest update to fix the map errors we had and address some crashes.


- Updated disconnection code

- Offline purchases fix for Android users

- Fixed crashes on late Samsung Devices

2.0.1 & 2.0.2

Map Fixes: We have also built an internal tool to check maps better to avoid this in the future.

Central America:

    - Added missing connection between Ontario and Qubec

    - Added missing connection between Bogota and Panama

    - Added missing connection between Florida and Sioux Lands

    - Added missing connection between Tennessee and Georgia

    - Added missing connection between Arkansas and Kentucky

    - Fixed some small islands belonging to wrong territory

Ottoman Empire:

    - Removed connection between Sicily and Corsica & Sardinia

    - Removed connection between Sicily and Greece

    - Fixed bridge connection between Corsica & Sardinia and Hungary

Qing Dynasty:

    - Added missing connection between Qinghai and Tianshan Beilu

Roman Empire

    - Added missing connection between Palestina and Aegyptus



- Single player scenarios and tutorials. We’re starting off with a small selection and will be increasing these in future updates. The first batch are free for all players to enjoy. We’ll be adding more the future.

- Empires Map Pack: Three new maps based on the classic empires of the past, a small and large variant Britannia map will be coming in the next update.

Free / Premium Updates:

- Central American Map: The 6th map added for Premium players. This will increase further in the future as we look to add more value to the players who have supported us.

- Premium users now have access to a wider array of avatars while free players are restricted


- Store updates: The store now clearly shows when items are on sale. 

- Multiplayer games overview. More streamlined with “Custom” games flagged clearly. Custom games are those that have drastic rule changes like Fog of War and Blizzards

- Many smaller bug fixes and stability improvements

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