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I think I’ve been Flagged?

Hey all, So I purchased this game to play with/against one of my best friends. We usually decide in the beginning of a match based on placement whether we fight with or against each other. The other day we were working with each other in five and six person matches in an alliance, and after a couple matches my rank was knocked down a little bit out of nowhere, and whenever one of us would join the others lobby it would come up with an error code and take us to the home menu. I didn’t think we were violating any rules, as alliances are a big part of the game itself. Especially in matches with several other players. I can see how it would make another player salty, but given that making an alliance is a function added In the game I don’t think it warrants a ban. I can't find how to make a ticket on this site. Any help lifting the flag would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Carl
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