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Finish the game!!

I am getting tired of people who won't finish the game!!!! The people, knowing that you cannot gain a single territory, that keep throwing 30+ troops on the same territory, skipping attacking, and doing it OVER AND OVER AND OVER

Yeah, that is annoying. If someone does that two times in a row to me when I have only one territory then I quit. Its too bad because I have wanted to send a friend request sometimes but if they dont finish I dont get the prompt at the end of the game. But then I change my mind, if they are going to do that why would I friend them?

I had this today.  Guy had the game handed to him by a suicider, but rather than finish me off he decided to be funny and take about five turns.   Right See You Next Tuesday and hopefully bad karma for him.

These players should be flagged for toxic play

By far and away the most annoying thing in the game, asked the higher powers if they gained ranking somehow by amassing these troops, they said no, they gain nothing 

So just quit the game when its obvious that you lost. Thats what I do.

most likely in my head but i have a belief that its harsher on you ranking wise to quit a game

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