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Problem with In app purchase

There was a sale on the iPhone version of the Risk app on Monday 13th May, where I purchased premium for £5.99, 15% less than it normally was. This was for my Franz Swift 19 account. Unfortunately I did not have premium, even though 2 days later I saw the money I paid leave my account, I restored purchases many times but still had nothing. Today I came across the support forum that said to purchase premium again and it should give me it for free if I have already purchased it. But upon doing so my money was taken again - £6.99 this time around as the sale was no longer on. Upon restoring purchases again I still do not have access to the premium either, and the money is now unavailiable money on my debit card, so I am not sure how to receive my money back or to finally be able to use premium. Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks

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