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Disconnection Hack

So I noticed that a common hack that people have started to use is to have your game suddenly disconnect right as you gain the upper hand. I know this is intentional because the only tome it occurs is when I’m about to gain a significant strategic advantage. What ends up happening is the game gets stuck on the forfeit option and you can’t exit out of it or do anything else, and it doesn’t show any reconnect attempts. If you try to restart the game it doesn’t show up as an active game so you can’t rejoin it again either. I’ve seen this being used by all rank levels, not just upper levels, so it seems like a widespread exploit. It also unfortunately results in a derank and I’ve lost grandmaster status several times because of it, something incredibly frustrating. A simple solution is to allow players to close the disconnect screen to at least continue playing. I’m not sure if this will work though, as it likely boots you from the game. It is also impossible to report this hack as the screen is blocked by the disconnect message, so I’m not sure if SMG is even aware that players are doing this so much. On any given day at least one player will attempt this on me and it was been a significant problem for at least the last two months. Please help!
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