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Demotion/Promotion Logic Makes No Sense

A few weeks ago I lost three ranks in one day thanks to cheaters, AI gone mad and bad luck.  Since then I've only been able to get one of them back, and that's just barely.

This is typical of how it works.  I win four games at a level.  Then I lose three and am demoted.  I win three in a row, still no demotion.  Win, then lose, then win  Promoted.

Win four games in a row.  Then lose two.  Demoted.  Win two or three more in a row.  No promotion.  

These are games against one human player and two AI.   It seems really easy to get demoted and a lot of work get re-promoted .  And once you do the system goes into overdrive to make sure you stay there.

Between that and the cheating I've resigned myself to never seeing my former level again unless I start cheating.  THe game just seems so rigged against non-cheaters.

Were these cheaters reported to us? Please report them via in-game functions and via a support ticket. If you lose ranking points in such situations against cheaters, we also feel that's unfair and if it leads to bans can be restored.

Ranking points can also take up to 24 hours to apply, which might be why demotions/promotions seem a little off.


That's fine, but  still don't understand how this works:

I recently slogged my way back up to expert.  Once getting there I won about five games in a row.  After that it was pretty much win one, lose one, win two, lose one, win one, lose two, win one, etc.  etc

This morning l lost three games in a row.  The first was due to toxic and cynical play an the other two were just bad luck - poor boards to start with, the winer established an early stronghold and the AI players did not nothing,   That's fine.

But now i'm an Intermediate again????  It seems like you get ZERO credit for past wins and the minute something goes wrong you're demoted again.    And once demoted you need about four or five wins in a row to get back up. 

Ranking levels are based on the level of the opponent. So if you win 3 in a row against beginners it wont change your ranking by much. But if you win once against an expert you will see a noticeable difference in your ranking. Same goes for demotions. If you lose against a beginner it will be a big drop in ranking. Additionally finishing second is better than finishing third. Simply stating that you lost does not provide enough information to determine what the impact on your ranking will be. As was also stated by SMG the ranking update can take up to 24 hours (they should make this more often). So if you play multiple games within that timeframe it can be difficult to determine the impact on your ranking. I have not seen any issues with the ranking system. But I have seen a cheater which is frustrating. It should be noted that the one cheater that I have encountered was reported to support and they dealt with it.
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