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Reporting collaboration cheat with screenshots

I've been reporting in-game for a while but I never got a response and I don't know if it even works. So here you have a thread to show master rank ZooYork83 being given the win by expert Minor Temple 15. Of course I've noticed of the collaboration way earlier but started taking screenshots after being unfairly beaten. 1st to 3rd screenshots are 3 following turns of the only 3 people left to start with. 4 and 5 yellow (expert rank) giving north America for free to green (master rank). 6 and 7 yellow gives South America and takes control of Europe. 8 to 10 yellow harassing purple, then hit hard and takes Australia, but leaving purple alive for the master rank 11 and 12 yellow gives africa 13 green takes purple and Europe, now he has whole America, africa, Europe and purple cards all given by yellow Now I can't upload more screenshots because of the size but I have more, and I can tell you of course master rank wins, I knew it from the start, but they also spent a few turns to stack soldiers, probably for ranking because I notice of this behavior very often. Yellow always going back never attacks green. I will post more screenshots in a reply. I make this post tired of unfair games, to get a reply from any admin or moderator, I want to know if their ranks are reset.

Please notice that numbers starts with the last one of the screenshots as the first Here I attach the final ones
I want to say thanks in public to the support team, those cheaters were banned and rank reset. So this is the easiest way to avoid collaboration, if you can get proof to expose here, then you make a ticket and put the link of the post

Absolutely correct! The best way is to simply create a support ticket with all the info but if you've already made a forum post here, that works as well.


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