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You can only report cheaters on your turn

Following up on a post from earlier this week, I've figured out the issue.  At least in the Android version, if you try to report a cheater during someone else's turn, the report doesn't go through.   It only goes through if you report during your turn.

This means you have a Hobson's Choice of playing to stay alive or reporting the piece(s) of garbage.

You can write the report in any turn but every time a turn starts the window closes to show the number of troops and territories. But then you go back to the report and what you wrote is still there and you can continúe. Still needs a fix, and reported players should be checked.

It's not working that way for me.  Yes, it closes when a turn ends, and yes, when I go back my text is still there.  But if I click SUBMIT during someone else's turn, the report doesn't actually go through,   You can tell because the REPORT button will remain red and not gray out like it does when a report has been submitted.

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