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Oppo trades for 10 EVERY THREE CARDS

Another example of anti-host bias by the computer.

SMG is well aware of the anti-host bias displayed the computer. It shows up in AI players but more and more and more in dice and especially cards.

While Im able to trade on average every four cards, usually for an average of 6-8, my opponents trade EVERY THREE CARDS and always get 10.

I just played a game where I had the opponent down to one territory with 1 troop in it.   He had three cards and of course traded for 10 plus bonus.  It began his comeback, and several turns later he finally won, having traded for 10 EVERY THREE CARDS.

This is a complete joke.  I always host my own games in an effort to control cheaters and play the paramaters i like on the board I want.  The computer punishes me with shitty cards and favouring the oppo at every turn.

Why can't you fix these things, SMG?  

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