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Please fix Cheat Reporting Tool

Had a open and shut case today:  An Expert and a Beginner clearly in cahoots.  The Expert tried to keep me from ever attacking and collecting cards while the Beginner - the utlimate winner - ensured the Expert would finish second by placing 50 in front of the Expert's last line of defence.

The cheating report tool doesn't work for this.  You don't have time to type that level of detail in the window before a turn ends, and you're interrupted.

Additionally, on Android, the portrait mode keyboard blocks the report window; you can't see what you typed, and it's impossible to edit.

Finally, once a game is over it's impossible to submit a report.  

Please fix these items.  Thank you.

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I experience the same......cant type when turn goed to other player.....quiet annoying.

And least 30% of games I played have cheaters...I mean really?/?

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