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Computer stealing games from me

I was just playing a game that had lasted around two hours.  There were three of us left, all with troop counts of 110-125.

I got disconnected - of course - very briefly.  When I came back the computer had taken control of me and decided it was a good idea to take my 111 troops from Africa and spread them across the board reducing me to 53 troops in one turn and costing me the game.

This is an infuriating glitch that can and should be easily connected.  If it's clear a player has lef the game, the computer can take over,   It should NEVER take over because I was disconnected for 30 seconds.  

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here's a new soon as I finished a turn and fortified, the game told me I'd been eliminated.  No one attacked me.  I was simply eliminated, and my spaces replaced with another player's troops.   Amazing.

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