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Won't Play Until AI Aspects are Fixed

I've dropped down two ranking levels in the past day. I only host because it's the only way to try to control collaborators (though they are so prevalent they still get in. I'm not playing any differently than usual (I'm not brilliant but often win). Here's what's happening.

- When computer takes over for a non-confirming player you might as well surrender right then and save the stress.  The AI attacks you like a rabid dog.  I'm last or penultimate 75% of the time, and by the time I even get a turn I've lost 40% of my initial troops.

- Dice are a complete joke.  If attacking a space with one troop I will lose at least 3 before winning.  It's not unusual to loose 6 or 7. 

- I played a protracted game yesterday where everyone had over 100 troops at one point.  Finally an opponent decided to attack me - his 83 to my 67.  Fair enough. I expected to lose.  He won with a MARGIN OF 72 TROOPS.  I lost 67, and he lost 11, numbers we've not seen since Agincourt.

- Troops are appearing in other players territories mid-turn.

- Cards, etc etc..

I've had unlucky streaks before, but you can't tell me there';s not something wrong with the program.  There are many posts saying the same thing.   SMG, please fix this. Thank you.

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AI stil a complete joke.

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