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Computer Screwing Over Game Host

It's been reported multiple times that the AI likes to single out the game creator.  I'll go one step further.  The AI makes life miserable for the game creator in all aspects.  I only host my own games, and since the "upgrade" I've noticed :

- Horrid dice rolling by me and "300" style defensive stands by anyone I attack

- Abysmal cards (I usually trade for 10 about once per game); it's not uncommon to be given six or seven footsoldiers in a row

- Disconnections, etc 

Your AI has become a Cylon, attacking its creator.  Please fix.

2 people have this problem

Same here. I deleted the game today. Got tired of the clear bias. Even if I had AI on "easy."
Please fix this! It is not subtle. Opponents get better cards and the AI has always has bias in their favor. Also, it seems like the host has to be last in turn 80% of games. WTF. Why would you do this? Just make it even odds like the real game. Why favor any player? Let actual skill be the only advantage. Host or not, the game should be fair.
Just to really get my point across, if there was another company with the license to host the game, I would pay fives times SMG’s price if the game was actually fair to all players, at all times. Please SMG, this is a great classic game, stop f-ing it up.
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