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Australia invasion glitch

There appears to be a glitch when invading The entirety of Australia from China. I am playing the app on ios. It is Risk version 1.23.65. When I go into Australia from China and invade the entirety of the Australian continent several things occur. Upon entry into the continent the troop counter for Indonesia goes blank. Next, after I take the entire continent then the app starts making moves for me. After that it will frequently launch various, random attacks and then it will fortify on its own. It looks like and behaves like the computer takes over control for me. I want to send you a good video. Some Observed issues after the attack and conquest of Australia 1. Loss.of control of my plays 2. Appears that computer makes random moves for me 3. On attack screen it may sometimes become impossible to select 1, 2, or 3 die. 4. It may skip fortify part of turns.
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