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Zobies glitching up

Why do the zobies sometimes get glitched up to where they dont move and attack at all,or attack me for one territory a round and attack no one else until I lose or I get big enough to find the biggest stack of zobies and attack it and that sometimes gets them working right again. This makes some of my strategies go out the window when they get glitched up like this. I've only been playing this for a couple of months. Used to play this board game with my all the time growing up. Love this game on app. Love playing the zombies hope you guys can fix this. It don't happen every game, but it seams to happen more when I or another player really gets a lucky good start and gets big really quick.

I'm on a android phone Samsung galaxy s8
Oh sorry for type o's lol zombies I sometimes think faster than I can type lol
My name is my fb account but been playing with my Google play name too it's Ruminatingfreind5542
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