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Keeps getting worse!

Sort it out guys, seriously, this game stinks! Ok, the collaborations... one guy makes a game with 2nd account, 3rd account always drops, 2nd account fights me while main account builds to win. This keeps happening, far too often to be random. Next, people who drop out and let pc take over. LET US KICK THEM!!! not only is it a huge time drain waiting every time it's their turn for the pc to kick in, whenever you ignore the pc these scumbags come back just in time to win. And the game I just had... guy takes Australia and drops. I'm winning. One of four is dead. Another is almost gone, just the pc to handle. He comes back, i completely miss a turn and he wipes me. How the hell did i miss a turn? Oh and I forget all the games where my army attacks and turns into their army!!! Or the guy that gets 12 reinforcements EVERY TURN. I'm out again. I'll check back in a few months I guess and see if you've done anything to stop these ridiculous bugs and cheats. The game is too much of a time sink to waste if it doesnt work properly.
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