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Inactive players

Risk is currently un playable for me due to inactive players and the computer not taking over. You have to wait all turn for their go to end and when more than one player goes inactive it is just un playable. Takes ages and ages!!! Anyone have any advice or experienced this? Ryan

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Looks like people have been complaining for weeks and nobody has responded. I'm a new player so this has been my entire experience with this game. Why can't I have it set up to boot people who don't hit the ready button? I just lost a game because an AI just sat inactive in the center of the map acting as a wall for my opponent. I never would have paid for unlimited tokens if I knew this would happen in literally every game I play. 

People do this, probably on multiple accounts, so you ignore them. The humans fight each other while not wasting resources on the pc. The pc builds up and the player returns to win. I agree, we should be able to kick. Or the game should kick automatically after a set time.

I agree. A game is usually made up of 80% waiting time on inactive players. Serious bug that should be fixed. Additionally players could have a rating based on the percentage of games left before the end. 

Have not played in two weeks or so because of this problem and from comments here seems like it still exist... I have no idea why devs don't even give any comment on huge issue like this. Time to delete app?
This is the response I had from SMG on this issue: Hi Ryan, Ticket: We have responded to your previous 2 enquiries with the following advice: Thank you for contacting us at SMG. We are aware that there is an issue for some players where the game is waiting the turn-time on every turn to disconnect a player, rather than only waiting once for the turn-time to disconnect a player. We apologise for this issue occurring and we are working to correct this as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience with us in resolving this issue. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you with. Regards Andy@SMG
Everyone needs to submit tickets raising the issue with them.
I’m glad you got a response! That’s what it is, it gives players 60s every turn before the bot goes, so the bot never gets to go. I play 60s turn games. It’s not as bad in other games where turns are longer but 60s turn games are where this problem is really bad. This is also why players get to join later. I say give them like 3-5 turns before you get booted for good.
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