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Inactive human players still wasting the clock

I've noticed in the most recent build (zombies) that when a human player goes inactive, the CPU that takes over still uses up almost all the time in their turn. It used to be that when you timed out the computer would wait for 60 seconds for you to hit a button and become active again and if not then to you turned into a regular CPU player who then makes their move immediately when it's their turn. currently when you have a player that becomes inactive you then have to wait a full minute or two each turn that they get and it's incredibly frustrating especially during the beginning of the game and the manual placement of troops.

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Yes, having this issue too! Almost every game.

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Been noticing this too.  I just learned from this post thought that "inactive" means the player has left the game is being taken over by the computer.   Game after game now I see players go inactive immediately.  You almost wonder if it's a new form of cheating - get your mates to go inactive and let you run the game

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I keep seeing the same thing and it sucks.  when they go inactive you have to wait the entire time. I also thought initially it was a way to cheat. Someone please fix this!!!

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When it comes to online game play, I find the inactive players drive me crazy.Firstly I think if you're inactive after 2 turns you should be automatically forfeited from the game. the AI computer doesn't know how to play to begin with so not only do you get your time wasted, the game play is so bizarre it becomes laughable. the AI doesn't seem to know how to play the game and is so random in its strategy I'm not even sure they programmed it... 

frankly I find the game quite disappointing to play overall whenever there's inactive or "expert" AI players playing.

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Come on SMG! This has worked in the past, not sure what broke it with the zombies build, but I propose a simple roll back to a working build. The zombies aren't that fun anyway. This bug is completely ruining this game.

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Sort it out!!!!!!!
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