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Attack bug being used to win games

I love this game but there is a serious bug with the game that happens rarely but completely ruins the game.

The situations was this 

Player 5 (Green) is already dead.

Me (Player 3) - Red - has South America, North America with large troop gatherings on North Africa, Kamchatka and Greenland, as well as backup on Northwest Territory.

Player 1 (yellow - ally) has Europe with good defence.

Player 2 (orange - computer expert) has no continent but has 3 or 4 territories heavily defended in Asia. He can't really attack Asia or North America or Australia because they're too well defended.

Player 4 (blue - the baddy) has Australia. He has 29 troops on Siam and goes to attack India. He leaves his attack until his turn clock has almost run down and as the time expires he has finished his attack but has not completed his move. 


All his pieces move from Siam to India but suddenly, he also has an army back in Siam. 


This is not a fortification, this was a glitch.

He did this 4 or 5 times in the same game, this was the third time he did it, and the first time I managed to get screen grabs. 

The first time he gained an extra 53 troops in one swoop! This turned a no-hope situation into one where he was able to challenge. Before the first time he pulled this move, I had as many troops as the yellow and blue players together. After this he attacked my defences in North America. This third time where he gained another 28 troops meant he was able to launch another attack a couple of turns later. 

The player in question is called Terry Labeau 13. He is an expert. This is rather unsurprising, as he is able to generate free troops whenever he wants.


First time I've seen this, can't play games 

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