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Connecting ???

Every time the app starts I only get as far as the connecting blue screen. It has been this way for me for almost 24 hours. Is the game down? Or is there a way I can fix this? Thanks

It’s been 12 hours longer and still can not connect. Anyone else having theses problems?

I am having the exact same issue Ryne. I tried every form of restarting my phone and app. If I uninstall the game then reinstall it, I found I could play on a temporary account name but as soon as I tried to log into my game center it started crashing as soon as the app was launched again. They really need to fix this... it's super frustrating. Please update if it starts working for you or you find a fix.

Hi Nik, Last night I deleted the app and reinstalled it. That fixed the problems for me. I use a risk account when I play not Game Center.I was able to restore all in app purchases very quickly. SMG is currently working on trying to restore my original user name. Hopefully you can get your game back up and working.

I am having this same problem on my AppleTV version of Risk.  What version are you using?

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