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Doubling armies

Has anyone had problems with players leaving it to the last second to attack, and then having they’re armies double. This needs to be fixed ruining the game for honest players

4 people have this problem

Yes , just hapoened to me ..Sergio Ken a master with no shame, doubled from 60 troops to 120 then again and again in subsequent moves to a 1000... What a complete ####ker.. I've reported him, so lets hope he's gone and the bug fixed asap...

I just had one. This "Master" doubled about 4 times. It completely ruins a game. I reported him, but really want confirmation that he got punished. Is there a way to find out what eventually comes of cheating complaints?

Same here. First 'noticed' this a few weeks back, but initially didn't realize exactly what had happened. Now it happens every other game. Extremely frustrating and I imagine a reason to give up playing the game all toghether if not fixed. Some feedback from SMG would be appreciated, surely they are aware of the issue by now.

Can confirm. SMG please release an urgent fix
What has been done about troop doubling? Nothing as far as I can tell! I say SMG issues a refund of purchase and rank to all honest players, or file class action lawsuit.

We have a version with a fix for that in testing and Beta currently and will release it next week latest.

Of course we will both ban users exploiting the issue intentionally and grant rank points to users affected by losses caused due that, we already started doing that.

Sorry for the delay on that, the issue came up during a lot of other, fundamental code changes, and was therefore not easy to fix in between.

-Ivan @ SMG

Claude Celis, Kardia84 & Ranj Le Roche 14.... 3 times been cheated in 2 nights. :(
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