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Cheating encounters

Seem like Grandmasters achieve their status by cheating and/or exploiting bugs in the game. Twice in recent days, and twice in my last game, a “Grandmaster” doubled his armies by waiting to attack until his turn was about to end, which left him with an army of equal size on both the attacking and defending positions. It occurred twice within two or three turns, which soon quadrupled the size of his army to the point his army was larger than all others combined within only two or three turns. Seems like so-called “Grandmasters” get their status not by skill, but through cheating.

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Stupid addictive game!! The worst part about it is it makes you so mad that you start another game hoping it won’t happen again… Definition of insanity
So true... wish I had never started playing. At least I have cut down on my time spent on this stupid game. I see the bug is still not fixed and the original player I complained about is still here. I saw him again last week and he has changed his card so you can’t report him.
That name doesn’t look familiar, but I have seen repeat cheaters And I just don’t allow them to play if I’m controlling the player selection. I’ve noticed that several of the players will only play one on one when their scores get high, at least to protect against corroboration
I heard something about the 'doubling of armies bug' being fixed in a beta version on another tread on this forum. Not sure when that will be rolled out though. Hopefully soonish. In the meantime: good luck keeping calm everyone..
Yea I’m trying to play one on one. The only downside is you have to wait a while when you get someone equally status. Even at that , sometimes they don’t confirm and your back to square one. However, I think this is the best way to protect yourself from cheating
Ahmed Farhan is also a doubling cheater
Def not fixed just had another frustrating experience with the doubling armies bug with Ahmed Farhan - what is wrong with smg we all should stop playing and go public with this bug and the none fixing by smg. We are therir customers!
You are absolutely correct
Yup the bugs and cheater still out there. 3 times in 2 nights. Btw i have been playing honestly and reached Master once... then dropped to intermediate currently expert. Now whenever i see this cheater (usually Grandmaster or Master level) will have to finish off the other player with whatever i got to get a third place... less point drops. :(


This guy did this 4 or 5 times in the same game and turned a hopeless situation into a good one


Attacked from Siam to India and doubled his troops


Terry Labeau 13 is the username. I've nothing against people who form alliances but this is the sort of cheating that makes me want to stop playing. I wasted an hour of my time in that game only to be cheated by a guy doubling his troops. Jae Lee also did it in the same game, I think by watching how Terry Labeau did it.

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