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Cheating encounters

Seem like Grandmasters achieve their status by cheating and/or exploiting bugs in the game. Twice in recent days, and twice in my last game, a “Grandmaster” doubled his armies by waiting to attack until his turn was about to end, which left him with an army of equal size on both the attacking and defending positions. It occurred twice within two or three turns, which soon quadrupled the size of his army to the point his army was larger than all others combined within only two or three turns. Seems like so-called “Grandmasters” get their status not by skill, but through cheating.

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Yea I just got tag teamed by a grandmaster and expert ... he protected the grandmaster in Australia... I was playing with a beginner and I created an ally with him but he didn't have a clue what was going on... beware of ricebowl Mark ( grandmaster) and Denver de Balzac (currently expert)
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 Yes, Grandmasters, Experts primarily attained such status by cheating.  I automatically refuse to play them when I start a game.  SMG does a horrible job regulating cheaters.  I even found some players in which you couldn't report them as you couldn't turn the page.  SMG needs to understand people pay them to have fun not put up with morons.

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Sergio Ken a master with no shame, doubled from 60 troops to 120 then again and again in subsequent moves to a 1000... What a complete ####ker.. I've reported him, so lets hope he's gone and the bug fixed asap...

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I think the whole ranking system encourages cheating. I’m a 50 year veteran (half a century) of the great game of risk with a high win percentage on the game board and vs the computer; still bouncing from a beginner to novice here; while cheaters obtain high rank. Also, if you report cheaters you’re more than likely going to get a drop in rank before the cheaters do. SMG needs to get off their behinds and realize cheaters will cause their customers to go elsewhere.

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Hackers are the worst, but these COLLABORATORS SUCK!!!
Goldstar9021 cheats, along with his aliases...I had the distinct pleasure of finishing him off in a game (that I played perfectly) to finish second to his weaker partner. The only way I played that well but is by assuming the ‘cheat was on’ before the game even started!
A guy named *Kreso* just did the same tactic to me. Cheating at RISK !!! Ban this clown!!

We just did a major banning wipe yesterday. We'll continue to ban those that are obviously  cheating and/or hacking



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Is SMG aware of the 'doubling of armies' cheat that is used frequently and causing a lot of frustration? Banning the cheaters is probably a good thing, but nothing stops them from setting up another account. Would it not be better to fix this weakness, or temporarily only use the 'blitz' dice roll option?

cheers, Hugh

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I’ve noticed the doubling armies as well urgently needs fixing

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Yet again another cheater doubling his army from 30 to nearly 200 in three or four turns turns. Why won’t SMG fix this? I filed a report a month ago and have had replies from other players nearly every day about other cheaters. Why bother playing this game if we deal with cheaters every day? SMG told me at my first report that they were aware of the issue and were fixing it, but nothing has been done. Rankings are meaningless, except to point out likely cheaters and hackers. I seriously doubt anyone gets to be a Master (maybe even Expert) by playing honestly. I refuse to play anyone above Intermediate, and am playing less and less. Don

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Merlin Bond is another. From 30 or so to nearly 200 in three or four turns. I doubt any Masters,Grandmasters, or even Experts got their rank by playing honestly. Why bother with this game if SMG won’t fix this? I reported this a month ago, but nothing is done.
I reached Master honestly! (I had to outplay lot of cheaters though)

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The bug is still alive! 57Cliff57 just used it to wipe me out ! Last doubling was for over 130 armies! This SUCKS!!
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