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Cheating or bug using

Hello, I just played a game where one player (you will see in the videos) is making attack just before time runs out, and all troops moves to attacking territory, and when new turn starts, all the troops appear on the first terrirtory also, thus having him doubles his troops. He did it four times, three times I have recorded him. If this is a bug, well, I'm reporting one. And I also thing you should ban or at least somehow punish the player that was using it. Sorry for my bad english, I think when you see the videos everything will be clear. Thank you for your time. I'm putting links for videos, becouse video sizes are too large to attach here.

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Unfortunately I see more and more players using this bug/hack/cheat (whatever it is). Killing my will to play the game. Too bad becouse this could have been great game. I see nobody reads this from smg, and don't think they are going to do anything about this. Too bad..
Same issue, can’t believe it’s been there for so long and not fixed, rubbish!
Happened to me few time... and i cant flip his card either - claude celis . Same with kardia84 and ranj le roche 14. 3 times in 1 nite. 
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