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No longer a Risk Fan

I am deleting this game from all my devices. I have had all I can tolerate when it comes to cheating on most of the online games I have played! My last game had an opponent (purple). who has paired up with another player (green) to gang up particularly against me. If that's bad enough, these two were also able to manipulate the actual board / game play in their favor. On our particular game, purple was given 6 troops he added to his country with 1 on it. There was 4 countries between me and him. He conquered all 4 countries still remaining with 6 troops. I had 3 troops on my country. and 1 each on 4 more countries behind that. He took his 6 into my 3 and still had 6 troops. 1 he left back on the country he attacked me from and preceded to take my remaining 4 countries with 5 troops still. I've enjoyed playing Risk for more than 30 yrs (as a board game). I am disgusted completely by the poor sportsmanship of an increasing amount of cheaters that ruined this game for me. There are several friends of mine that swear by it that they too have experienced unfair game play & have chosen to uninstall their game apps too!
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