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Crazy bug

Ok this has happened yet again. Game of 4 people, 4th turn in and I'm player 1. I'm lucky enough to have 12 reinforcements and having a little battle for Australia, so now it's going to be mine! I have 13 or so, I'm just outside Australia and attacking the last Asian spot which has 1 man. As i hit the dice i lose connection, even though i have full signal on my phone! I come back after about a dozen tries on the countdown and my attacking force has turned blue, with an army of 12. The spot i was attacking is also blue, with an army of 13. I'm still in the position where I can call my 12 reinforcements but have zero chance of winning now. Lucky blue, 24 extra forces for nothing! Is he cheating? Or is the game just bugged in a bad way?

Aaaaaaaaand again. Just as I'm about to obliterate my opponent, I'm kicked from server and when I return my forces become his and I'm wiped. Seriously What the hell is gong on? Pointless playing any more.
Does smg ever read this? Reply? Comment? I love risk but don't see the point in playing any more.
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