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[exploit solution required] exiting game temporarily in '3 way lock' and early loss positions

A common situation is for 3 players to be at a lock in the late game (e.g 200-200-200 soldiers, each player earning 8-10 soldiers per turn). This is unwinnable, and essentially a question of waiting for one player to have enough and go kamikaze on someone else hoping for a second. A winning strategy is to exploit the computer takeover, by loosing connectivity for ~5 turns. Generaly, the other players will attack each other knowing the AI will not push an advantage effectively. If the player then returns, he will generally have a winning position. I understand it is hard to blame players for what could be a legitimate loss of connectivity. But having fallen victim to this a few times, it is at least a loophole that is unfair. Similarly, in a 5-6 player game, an AI / abandoned player without cards will be the last to be attacked. This enables a player on the brink of loosing (perhaps with 15-20 armies and a weak possition) to simly log off. The leaders will generally leave him for last and he will end up 2nd/3rd, instead of 6th. This is unfair and a loophole in the rules/game. My proposal is that if someone looses connectivity for more than X turns there will be a cap on his position. So if I lost connectivity for X turns with 3 players left, I could not come higher than 3rd. Alternatively, if someone lost connectivity for more than X (say 3) full turns, he can no longer return. This way the other players can at least know they are playing a bot, and not a player tacticaly retreating.

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I saw this happen a few days ago, didn't realise it was a common thing. Absolutely pee'd me off when I realised the player had returned at Just the right time to win. Definitely shouldn't be possible.

C'mon folks, you're whining if you want to force a programmed solution to a counter a known player strategy.

If you "take advantage" of the AI, then you're at risk to the clever player who's feigning begin an AI only to return and kick everyone's butt.

Seriously, this isn't a bug - it's a strategy and you need to adjust your play to reflect that reality.

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