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You made me hate RISK 

Hello the RISK community. This may be the 1st time i write something in a forum... Here i’m talking to the game editors! 郎 Well done guys because of you and all the bugs and the issues with this app I’m starting to hate something i used to love when i was a kid. Bravo  This bobard game was awesome and gave me planty of good moments with my friends and family but now when i try to play all that i have is frustration, frustation frustration!!! When i saw the game in the AppStore i was so excited i texted all my friends about it and invite them to come join the battle. Sadly we’ve found cheaters and an average game with several frustrating BUGS. I won’t tell here what kind of issues you already know them so pleeeeeease pleeeeeeease my childish spirit begs you to do something  FIX THAT SHI*!!!
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The major bug in this fantastic game is that crappy lowdown players have figured out that if you do a non-blitz roll at the very end of the turn timer you get all the armies in the country you took and you get the same amount in the country you left. It’s ridiculous $&;:/“@$ I for one will not play anymore until this is resolved
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