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Multiplayer not working on apple tv

Been playing risk tv edition for a while now. Suddenly for the past 2 weeks i cant see multiplayer channel on global domination and get forced to create a game.

4 people have this problem

I tried logging out/in and reinstalling app and it still won’t connect to multiplayer =(

Problem still exists. Quite frustrating. Spend money to add maps and play online with others. Get maps but no one to enjoy a game with.

This happened to me around this time period, resolved itself at some point, and has now become a problem again.

Imhave the same issue. Any solutions?
Same issue. Works on iPad with same user account. Also tried to delete app and reinnstalled but same problem. Any sollution?
Apple TV multi player not working again. What a surprise. Anyone reading this with Apple TV please hit the “report bug” button on settings.
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