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Why wen playing fixed reinforcement the cards auto screw u over wen better card combos would be best....???

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Wats the deal ?? Now game has me trading in 3 lousy inf wen i had artillery and calvary card available?? How is this possible?? Happens again i will contact google for refund...
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Not only that. Recently in EVERY game I NEVER have a set until I have 5 cards in a progressive game. If it's a fixed bonus it's ALWAYS infantry. Lost count of the games where I've pulled like 7 infantry cards in a row yet opponents are almost always getting a set worth 10 and bonus armies every time they only have 3 cards. Don't even get me started on the dice. The game is pathetic and Hasbro should seriously scrap this developer. It gives the board game a bad name. This isn't sour grapes. It's just painstakingly obvious the game is fucked. The odds of pulling nothing but infantry is ridiculously high. One game in 20 MAYBE, but 30-40% of the time? I smell bullshit.
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