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Armies Randomly Switching to Opponent's Color

Two games now in two days I have seen an opponent's armies switch to another opponent's color during an attack. Not cool. Many players will lose interest quickly if not fixed. No fun spending hours playing just to lose to a glitch. Even if it favors you, then it is a cheap win. Both games were on standard map, auto, fixed, 90 to 120 seconds.

It just happened again. The rankings mean nothing when the games are so frequently compromised with armies changing to an opponent's color. PLEASE, provide directions on how to get a refund!

Wow, this type of hacking is out of control!  I seems like every other game is rigged!  For a few weeks, it seemed like the issue had been resolved, and the game was a joy to play - pure strategy & mind games, but now it seems like whenever I'm getting into a good position, the old 'oh, my stack of troops is now yours' thing rears it's ugly head.  

It's making a game that was pleasantly addictive totally unplayable.  Off to leave negative reviews now, as this has been going on way too long, and people need to be warned.  

I can confirm, I've seen the same thing happen. It was effectively at the end of the game, one player turned in but the men once placed changed to the other dominating force on the board. They got like 60 armies out of it, the other guy had to be peeved. Lol

I've had this happen both ways, where I get someone's troops and where I lose my troops. Either way it's dumb and ruins the game. It seems this has been happening for months, any word on if they're working to fix this?

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