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"I'm Ready" is ruining games

The "im ready" feature that removes players from games is ruining games for the rest of us. My argument is based on 2 facts. 1: Computer opponents are awful, even when compared to the worst human opponents. They dont understand this game's critical balance, and they never attack strong positions, no matter how crucial. If I knew an AI would be in the game I would not play. 2. 2/3 of the games I now play end up with an AI, and I only play 4 player games, so im sure the 6 player games are even higher. I often get the message "there must be 2 or more human players", which means that all 3 opponents missed the ready button. Every time I find myself stuck with an AI opponent I regret playing, and only keep playing to preserve my rank. This feature has ruined the quality of many games, to the point where I feel very lucky when all 4 players actually make it in. The reason I play this game is to compete with other real players; not computers that can hardly play the game. Easy fix: have players ready BEFORE we can start the game. This way we can replace them with other willing human players. This feature was poorly thought out at best, and it's only purpose so far seems to be ruining games for the rest of us. Are AI as fun to play as humans? No. After the update are there far more games with unwanted ai opponents? Yes. Get rid of the feature, please.

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While we are not removing the feature, we are upping the threshold required to start a game. Soon you for say a 6 player game, you will need a minimum of 4 players ready. For a game with 4 players, 3 need to confirm, etc.

That should help evaluate this issue.

- Phillip@SMG

Ok that will help, but why not make all players ready and completely eliminate this issue? 3/4 or 4/6 is our typical response now, so I hope there is a way to solve this issue completely This game is more fun with real opponents. If we can all agree on that, than we will at least be on the right path. Thank you philip for your timely response, as always.

All players ready will likely make it very hard to actually get a game started. In the future we should be able to improve this part of the game, but for now it was needed to be put in as it solved many issues regarding connecting to games.

- Phillip@SMG

Sorry, I think I am confused, how would players clicking ready before games make them very hard to start? When players join a game they would either click ready or leave. The games themselves take an hour to play, so I wouldnt mind taking a few extra seconds to ensure an ai opponent doesnt wind up in the games. I understand that this was partially to fix a connective issue, but it has created a new issue altogether. Well, ive been heard and that's enough. Thanks again for your responses.

Ah yes I misunderstood you. I mean't that under the current system, requiring all players to confirm would make it very likely to get a game started. E.g, you would have to go through several lobbies and 10 second game start phases to find a game where everyone confirms.

Once the system is expanded upon, we will be able to do much more

- Phillip@SMG

The dude is right - SMG has yet again made things worse!

What is so bad about going through several lobbies to ensure all players are human?
If everybody doesn't click "Ready" then it should re-start again instead of forcing us to play Bots!

You said "Once the system is expanded upon, we will be able to do much more"
When exactly will this be happening Phil?


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