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Won't Log In To Google Play Games... Error 924 ?!

So Phil, I had a bright idea...

I thought deleting the app and reinstalling it - might clear up some problems...

Big Mistake!

Now it won't log back in to Google ffs!

First it shows this as normal:


So I hit Google Play and it starts to connect:


But then PITA Google+ shows up - which I don't remember happening before?


And then this Error comes up:


What the hell?

Might be a problem with the RISK google play account after uninstalling, deepening on what state the account was in before doing so. I recommend making a new RISK profile, then attempting to add google play to it to see if you get the same issue.

- Phillip@SMG

Finally got things working by clearing the cache...

However, now that I'm logged in to Google - it hasn't restored anything... I'm a frikkin newbie again!

Let me guess - things are only backed up if you have a Risk profile set up as well?

Please say it ain't so Phil!

You guessed correctly yet you never did it yourself :).

Make a support ticket and I will see what I can do for you.

- Phillip@SMG

Of course I didn't dude - because every other game on the Play Store uses only ONE login to sync everything! And that would be the Google account!

Including a separate Risk account is great for people who might switch from Android to Apple etc - but surely if someone has already linked to Google... then it should sync automatically there too!

You really should make this (illogical!) system clear on the app somewhere - people could be playing for years... and then lose everything cos they assumed Google was storing their progress!

You've got enough people hating y'all already - don't ya think Phil!
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