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Regarding the ongoing server issues throughout the last days

Dear players,

Regarding the ongoing server issues you expected throughout the last days:

Those were and are actually caused by our web service provider rolling out first fixes for the infamous "Spectre" and "Meltdown" issues currently affecting almost all computer systems worldwide. 

We will be scaling up our system in the next days to mitigate the issue as good as possible.

For those of you interested in the technical background, here's a good read. The part with

"Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services are working to apply patches to their systems as well, and are grappling with corresponding performance slowdowns; the fixes involve routing data for processing in less efficient ways"

is the one currently affecting us. Full "Wired" Article:

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Thanks for the update.
Thanks for fixing that!

I have a game feature I would like implemented and I'm not sure where to post it so ill say it here.

Can we be able to set a minimum rank requirement and advertise to people of our own rank? There is no incentive for an expert to willingly play with a novice. If this feature was put in to the game, higher ranked players would play more often due to the accessibility of finding people at your rank, loses against novices that causes massive drops in rank won't occur as often, and the overall accessibility for all players would increase. 

Cole, you should make a new topic in the Feature Requests subforum

So I've been playing this game for over a year now and still get this 667 error. Also it's hilarious that y'all are trying to blame this on AWS. Love to know how much code debt you are in that it takes your team over a year to fix a critical issue like this. Anyways, best of luck
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