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Rank slow to update








Even after going out and in multiple times, it still hasn't updated. It used to be that you had to check twice and it would update. Now it doesn't seem to want to update for some time.

Why can't the rank just update immediately? Why does the Victory screen show you your rank BEFORE you won?

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I've now played 8 games, mostly on automatch but i've tried hosting my own and joining others, my "games played", "wins" and "loses" have not updated. My "class" does though (master, expert etc)

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I think I had the same problem and I think there is some issue with ranking now (and for some days...).

My ranking doesn't move but I saw my "level" move (I went from expert to master, then I lost and become expert again then I won and master again! but my rank stayed the same).

I'm afraid that there is server problems and that the wins (and losses?) are not registered correctly :(

I've played a few more games today, still experiencing the same symptoms today, however today I also expericed a glitch where I controlled every players troops. Not sure why these things are happening after this latest update. Please let me know if I can provide more helpful debug info, I'm a software developer I'm sure I can get you what you need.

Dude - what "Surprisingly Mediocre Games" desperately need... is a damn good kick in the ass!

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