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Don't kick me out if I'm the last one left!!

I've just been finishing a game that's lasted over an hour, then this shit happens:


I'm connected to WiFi, not downloading or otherwise using the connection. But here's the thing, it reconnected straight away, yet your dumb game decides it's not worth letting me continue!


This isn't an isolated incident. It happens often! Why should the game be closed, even if every other person left?! It doesn't make sense!

Also your servers are failing the last few days:



Total piss take! I love the game but it doesn't half frustrate the death out of me when it does shit like this!

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This comes down the idea of "There must always be a host in a game" when you are the only player left and you disconnect, there is no longer a host to keep the game open where it would usually just find another host. We will be addressing the issue in the future, but it will take an entirely different approach, hence it will take time.

Until then we are continuing to improve stability of our servers so that you will not disconnect due to us.

As for the recent server issues, you can find information about this here:

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Thanks for the response, I'm glad to hear you'll eventually fix this.
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