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Cant connect....

Everytime I try to join a game I get Risk error 902.

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yes me too

yes I can't get a game now.

I’m having the same issue.
I did not have this problem yesterday but then I purchased premium so I could join games and now I get this error everytime.
Anyone hear on the solution to Error 902 yet?
Me too. I submitted a support ticket and got an automated response that they are on vacation until 1/8. Can it possibly be that they are simply going to let the server be down for an entire week because they’ve left nobody around to get it up and running?!?!

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Fix asap.
Error 902 can't get in. What's going on? This is pathetic
SMG fix the problem! it's very irresponsible you left alone the game, more for these we are premium and not to mention that it's and app with 1 million downloads! Very bad!
I have the same problem!!!!! I just payed the premium version, I want my money back!!!!
I also suffer from the same problem, I also paid :(
i can't connect and the game atart from beginning
Same issue after buying premium. Can’t get in. Constant error 902. Fix asap please, great game otherwise.