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Can't rejoin game after it crashes and no humans left

I am yellow. The game previously crashed at about turn 4 or 5, and everyone except me and blue got kicked out. I just finished off blue and he quit. Then the game crashed at this point:


My next move would've been to trade and put the troops on the 7 in Eastern Europe and attack into Southeast Asia, and fortify the 7 out of the USA.

But no, your game decided to do the glitchy audio and refuse to let me back in.


Oh and now Bug Reports seem to be dumping too, but I don't want to share the zip file because it contains sensitive data such as apps installed etc.


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This occurs due to the fact a game always needs a host. If you are the only player connected and you disconnected, there is no longer a host and the data becomes lost. We will be addressing this in the future but it will require a restructuring of our server code, thus it will take time.

Until then we are continually increasing server stability to ensure that you do not disconnect due to us.

- Phillip@SMG

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Thanks Phillip, it's good to hear you're willing to fix it further down the line :)
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