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The game gave my troops and cards away to another player!!!

How f***ing difficult is it to make a game that isn't buggy as f***?!

It's really p****ing me off. Bugs caused me to drop from 8,000th to 25,000th. Then overnight it dropped me to 35,000th, without even playing a game.

Then I saw 2 updates within 24 hours and thought I'd give it another shot since you say you've fixed the bugs.

Then THIS happens:


I was red. Seconds prior to taking that screenshot, I had 3 cards and had just ended my turn. Green's turn began, but before he did anything, the game decided it wanted to give everyone's troops away. The green 5 in North Asia was mine. The 2 in Eastern Europe was a 12. And I had 6 not 2 in North Asia. Green had more of a foothold in North America. My plan was to join the troops up into a big army and take Australia, or something similar. But your buggy f***ing game decided to give my cards and troops away!!! F***ing p***take!!

Then at the end when I was inevitably knocked out, it claimed I'm a beginner. WTF? Although I'm still ranked Expert on the home screen.


Fix this s*** before I demand a full refund, including of all the map packs!


Oh and I'd already moved the 4 from the top left corner of North America to the top right corner of Asia too.

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