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The app is getting consistently worse


What on earth are you doing to my favorite game? I have seen it get progressively worse after every update:


1. The localization is horrible. The French makes no sense and you simply replaced the words instead of actually updating the syntax, ie words are out of order. There´s also no genitive where there should be, etc.


2. The 10 second pause requiring users to confirm again - when you enter a game, you are already confirming. The result now is that I've been playing 2 or 3 bot games because people do not join, so the rest of us are screwed. In that case, we should be asked a second time to join if someone decides to skip. I would NOT join if I knew some others were jumping ship.


3. I play a minimum of 3 hours per day, and about 12 hours on weekend days each. (Yes, I have no life.) I´ve noticed a change in your rolls algorithms. One used to have a good success rate when attacking 1 troop with 4 troops, and extremely high rate with 5 troops. That changed a few days ago. I have been forced to switch to manual rolling instead of the blitz, because of the low success rate.


4. This is not new, but there are waves of high rolling and low rolling. I get the feeling that risk checks your overall roll statistics every certain period of time and adjusts accordingly. There are strings of days of high rolls following a series of days of low rolls.

Thanks for the feedback. I will be showing it around to make sure it is known.

Regarding the dice, we have released a hot fix update that fixes this. Please check your google play store / app store update tabs and RISK app store page for the update.

- Phillip@SMG

Hello, I also believe the "im ready" is hurting games. I would also NOT PLAY if i knew id have to play with this game's poor ai. I made my own post regarding the issue. It has seriously discouraged me from playing, even though im at 1,000+ games.

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