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De-ranked by bug

I was about 13,000th, then started a game which looked like this - 2 red players, no numbers. I quit the game and started it again, and I'd been de-ranked to 18,433rd!! :@

Then I won my next game, and dropped further again - to 18,438th. I checked my rank twice as well each time, to force it to refresh.

This happens all the time, where games don't start properly and you end up de-ranked. It's annoying as f***!

My best rank is approx 8,500th, but s*** like this keeps happening where I drop 5,000+ ranks for no f***ing reason.

Then other times, you start a game at (e.g.) 12,345th and win and only up your rank by 1 point, e.g. to 12,344th.

Fix your buggy game man, I like it a lot but it's frustrating as f*** at times.

I've bought most of the extras, and will end up buying the last couple of maps soon. But you need to fix these critical bugs like these before churning out more content.


This just happened, so check the timestamp on these posts and then check my games prior to posting.

This is getting beyond a f***ing joke now!! This is my next attempt at joining a game:




Both of the bugs that are shown in this thread should be fixed in our next update which should release very soon.

 - Phillip@SMG

Seem to have been de-ranked to 27,000th after giving up trying to play last night. Really hope you fix these bugs properly.

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