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Major bug of app deleting armies

Just finished a game where I fortified about 80 armies to a territory with 3 armies and the total army count mysteriously and spontaneously got reduced to 32 armies.  So the app took approximately 50 armies from me.  As a result I lost a game I would have won.  This is obviously a major bug!  If not fixed, I will not continue playing the game and expect a refund of my in-app purchase.

Please send follow up email on status of this bug fix.  Needless to say, the integrity of any game needs to be maintained in order to survive.

If anyone else has this issue please post here so I can keep track how many people are encountering this.

- Phillip@SMG

I had 29 purple armies and attacked a country with 1 yellow army, connection was lost when game reconnected my armies were given to the yellow player and I had only 3armies left on the board. Is it possible to remove the game from my ranking. It caused me to lose grandmaster ranking. 1208772 id. Thanks Rob Keefer

@Rob, thanks. That one is a seperate issue which is scheduled to be fix not in the upcoming update, but the one after.

- Phillip@SMG

I saw something similar happen in a game I just played.  One player attacked another (Blue attacked Green) and won, but the country and the troops were given to the losing player.


This caused a major shift in the game and the blue player quit shortly after this.


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