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Alliance requests hammering

A lot of players, especially for 120 seconds or faster matches, and in the final/crucial phase of the match, keep on sending multiple requests to block half your screen and trying to distract you or make you do tapping mistakes.

Also sometimes I could not find the way to block them, maybe because they blocked me first.

I think that:

-Alliance function is not very interesting and shoul be removed, because it is not reinforced in any way and it has value only when you play with newbies, that believe they have to comply

-if you want to keep it, at least limit the request to one per type

Agreed on this, we will be looking into stopping this asap.

- Phillip@SMG

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A few Minutes Ago I nearly lost a game because someone was repeatedly tapping "request alliance" and "ignore". The request popped up over and over at the top of the screen so I couldn't see the top of the map, and I couldn't click "ignore" because he was tapping fast. Fix this faster Then The player clicks...

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