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Connection lost and couldn't join back (and I was host)

I don't know if this kind of bug has been already reported, but I created a game, my phone didn't loose Internet but still, I was disconnected and couldn't join the game again. I tried several times, I even relaunched the app but the game couldn't be found :(

It was a global domination game and I was 5 minutes away from winning, so I was really mad to having lost 45 minutes on this game for nothing...

It appears I didn't loose rank on this game but still, very annoying...

Do you know why this happened? Or why I couldn't join the game after??


The game was likely closed since you were disconnected. Thats why you didn't loose rank. The disconnection would of been from the server if there was no issue on your end.

- Phillip@SMG

Thank you for your answer. 

So If I understand, a connection error from the server means the game is going to end (for everybody) but nobody will loose it's rank. A connection error from a player will only end the game for him (of course!).

Is there anything you can do to maintain a game even if the connection was lost on the server (even if we have to wait 2 minutes)?

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