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'Cashed Up' achievement doesn't pop for premium

After buying premium, the 'Cashed Up' achievement (Make an in-app purchase) doesn't unlock. Does it only unlock when you buy a map pack? If so, the description should be changed to reflect this. On Android. Risk Name is Nimble Force 8.

Achievements are currently disabled in many cases due to bugs. They will be reenabled in the future.

- Phillip@SMG

Didn't pop for buying the pirate maps either. Pretty disappointed; I was trying to complete all the achievements.

This achievement just randomly popped. It seems it's on a scheduled task. If it was done in the same logic that unlocks the map it would make more sense, since it would be immediate.

Haven't you fixed the bugs yet, my achievements won't pass 51 now..none of the secrets have been revealed either..according to other user for couple of them I only need to win 35 or play 100 online games, I've played more than 1000 and won more than 200 games. Can you please fix the bug.
And I've purchased the app long time ago too.
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