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Everyone is a Grandmaster, No Data on Other Players

When I play online, once the game begins all the other players come up as "Grandmasters" and I cannot see their stats (how many cards they have, how many troops, their true rank, etc.). My own player doesn't even show up on the screen.

I've tried re-starting the app, re-starting the Apple TV, etc.

Any ideas??? Thanks!

1 person has this problem

For anyone else that is wondering, this is an issue specifically on the Apple TV version and a fix is being released by the end of the week,

- Phillip@SMG

Still have not seen the fix Desperately waiting. Really ruins the strategy.
Where's the fix
Seriously- will this get fixed? The game isn't fun anymore- and I don't want to play if I'm eventually going to have to reinstall the entire app and potentially lose my game. Should I post something in the comments on the App Store warning Apple TV users???

Also having this problem, for several weeks now, and I just submitted a ticket on it.  


Agree with the other posts..This needs to be fixed.  Team SMG this needs a fix now!

Sorry for the delay in date on this. The fix had to be delayed. It will be included as part of the next update. No ETA on that yet unfortunately.

- Phillip@SMG

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