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Hi there. Premium member here. Love the app. I've noticed a glitch, though: While in game, sometimes the little arrow in the upper right corner for each player isn't there, making it impossible for me to communicate with said player(s). I just hosted a game where not only couldn't I ally with or send requests to anyone, 2 of the players (1 real, 1 computer) were the same color!!  (Blue) - The arrow for Omar Noida wasn't there during the game play. It happened when the players were adjusting their colors before the game began. It shouldn't have happened, of course, but that's why it's a glitch. A very interesting and confusing one at that!  Otherwise, I'd just like to say thanks for creating such an awesome app version to the original board game. Well done. 

As mentioned in our support ticket. For anyone else who is interested, the arrows disappear when players become an AI.

The other issue is being worked on,

- Phillip@SMG

App does not load since it updated today
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