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Really need to fix the "reconnecting to host" bug when only computers are left

When only computers are left in a game and you get disconnected, there is no way to reconnect to the game.  The results don't process and you don't get credit for the win. You guys REALLY need to fix this.  Nothing is worse then investing all the time to play a game, winning that game and then getting disconnected at the last moment.  This has happened to me several times, including just now...It sucks. 

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I agree, have no fear, this is one of our highest priority issues.

- Phillip@SMG

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I just saw an answer to this same issue posted somewhere else. Why does this only happen when only bots are left? (In other words, once I've won) If there is another human player still in the game, I reconnect quickly and easily.  If there's not another human player, there's absolutely no chance of reconnecting. 

Also, would there be anyway to retroactively process results when games lose connection to host?  

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Sorry, I didn't see your response before posting that last comment. Anyway, Thanks!!

 - Eric

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