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For those experiencing consistent crashing on low end iOS devices

Hi Everyone,

We are aware that some issues are causing lower end iOS devices (iPad 2 and iPad mini) to crash very frequently (every 5 minutes). We are looking into the causes of the issue and plan to have a fix included in our next update.

Something that might help. Ensure you are playing with no other apps running in the background. This should do something to reduce the crashing.

Keep an eye on this post for updates on when the fix will be released.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



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I play risk on my iPhone 7. The screen comes up completely black now. No game at all. Is there a way to restore it, or is it gone forever?

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U best fix it I just had one of my best games ever, and at the climax it crashed and ruined it. Step up your game mofos

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Using the RISK game in IPod 5th generation 32gb with plenty of room. This game continues to crash 2-3 times every game and sometimes more!! Most of the crashes happen when I'm doing good or about to take over. It's annoying, please fix this problem! I don't consider 32gb iPod 5th gen a lower IOS system!!!!!
How about crashes on high end devices? What’s the solution


Make a support ticket and tell us your device so we can look into it.

- Phillip@SMG

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Support ticket created, iPhone 6

like the game ... hope stability can be improved

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Our next update should greatly reduce this issue.

- Phillip@SMG

Please try to fix this
Cannot even connect to a game since last update!
Help, my iPhone 7 keeps crashing after the most recent update
The issue seems to be back .. About 2 to 3 times per game it just seems to hang .. waited for some time . I shut down app then start it back up and reenter the game .. by the time this all happens my guys pretty well wiped themselves up . It getting so bad that at one time my ranking was MASTER .. with all these hanging ... I have lost so many times that my rank is intermediate... So what is going on .. ?????
This is not crashing. Somehow your players can boot you from the global domination online multiplayer game whenever you become a threat. Its not random. Very deliberate.
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