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Easy Fix For "Waiting For Host" Problem

Yup, had another hard-won game stolen from me yesterday lol

Was down to just 2 players - and the other guy had left so my opponent was a Bot... 

Then was struck by the infamous Lost Connection problem - and when it finally reconnected... was stuck looking at this screen lol



The problem seems pretty clear:- 

When no human players are left connected... the program must automatically terminate the game immediately... after all, there is no point in just Bots playing against each other lol

The solution therefore is simple - instead of closing the game instantly... amend the code slightly, to add a delay of 60 seconds...

That way - if there has been a disconnection... then the player has time to rejoin the game... before it gets shut down!

Obviously, solving the main Connection issue would prevent this (and many other!) problems... but in the meantime, it would be a quick and easy fix for this particular bug

Therefore I'm sure SMG will have an update out - by the end of this week... right Phil lol?

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There is is delay, it's about 5 minutes long. These situations are the edge cases where the host is not being migrated correctly, or there is a hiccup with the server and therefore the process does not occur correctly. That's why its a bug.

No easy fixes that won't cause their own problems, so it's best we figure it out properly.

- Phillip@SMG

Noooooooo !!

You were supposed to say it was easy - and a fix will be out tomorrow lol!

Glad you've identified the cause - hopefully you are giving these stability issues priority... instead of focusing on making new maps!

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